I need approx cost of living in Ratigen

Would really appreciate if someone could help me with this. Trying to figure out if I should relocate to Germany..


Country: Germany


do you mean Ratingen? If so, go to
Since the website is available in English, it looks like they will be able to answer your question. Also, please let them know how many people (you or a family) and approx. how lange of a place would you like to live in (number of bedrooms).
hi Diane,
I cannot tell you the approximate living cost in rattingen because i live in Solingen and i have never been to Rattingen.
The thing is that I live in Halle Saale which is really cheap city but we are talking about east germany here so I don't think that I can help you.
I think you are talking about Ratingen, which is pretty close to Düsseldorf in the state of Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) of Germany. As far as the living stadard goes, I am sure that you will need minimum of 650-700€ to survive (250-300 House rent+100€ health insurance+100€ travelling+200€ food). These are all basic costs...and they do vary from place to place....but NRW is relatively cheaper than Stuttgart & Munich.

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