How do I send a package to some one in the Ukraine.

I have an address: Ukraine, Charkow, Lenina Street, 35/17 my email is:


City: Charkow

Oblasti: Kharkiv

Country: Ukraine


Do you mean postal sending?
I suggest you to write "Kharkov" (or "Kharkiv") instead of "Charkow"
Hi, I sent you my response to your email!
Anthony if there is anything of value in your package use an international carrier with insurance cover. Re spell Charkow, Kharkiv & include the postal code. Otherwise use normal postal service but be prepared for loss is not uncommon.
The address is correct.
You can also add Kharkov zip code which is 61000.
But, are you sure that you do not confuse Lenin street and Lenin avenue. Lenin avenue is much bigger.

answer to every of your questions!

If you are sending a package from the US or Canada, the best and cheapest door-to-door service is Meest (Bridge in Ukr).
By DHL. It's a best.
Hi, take a look here
Well, you can use international postal service... this way is gonna be the best. This way the service give the package right into the hands of the person, who is going to receive it!
Use DHL or any international service nearby!
Sending anything how ever big to kharkov is so easy, just go to the post office and have to know the person adress it will reach, Another quick way is when you send using a bus and call that person when the bus come
fedex, DHL... ))
DHL etc are rather expensive. general post would be the best. just send as usual with post code and evertyhing. its the same as everywehre
DHL, of course.

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