How much is the airport tax in Manila, for international departures?


City: Manila

Charted city: Manila

Country: Philippines


You have to pay P750.
Airport Tax is 750 Pesos only.
1 to 2,000 pesos is the airport tax in manila for international departure
the airport tax is 750 pesos or roughly 18 US dollars
750 pesos
it depends on where you located in Manila.. Flat rate of taxi cost 30 pesos.
Hi User,
Thank you for asking how much is the airport tax in Manila for International Departures. The correct fee is P750. Please log on to - and see answer number 10 on the frequently asked question. Again, thank you for your interest in knowing about airport taxes in Manila. Have a happy and safe stay!
750 terminal fee. travel tax 1620
NAIA Airport TAX for International Departure is Php 750.00 or approximately equivalent to $18 (US dollars).
Airport Embarkation Tax
Passenger Terminal Fee is levied on all passengers embarking for:
1. International travel (including Security Fee): PHP 750.-.;
2. Domestic travel: PHP 200.-.
Place of payment: Airport of departure.
1. Children under 2 years of age.
all i know is P750.
as far as i know the airport tax is 550
Hi there, it depends on your destination. Cab here uses meter and the flag down rate is 50 pesos.
750 pesos!
- 750 pesos
Hi !

The departure tax only applies to Filipinos going to international destinations. If you're not a Filipino, you are not subject to pay the departure tax of 1,620 pesos.

but there is an airport terminal fee of 750 pesos. and this is for EVERYBODY.

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