Cheap place to stay in Negril (ending of january 2011) ???????


City: Negril

Parish: Westmoreland

Country: Jamaica


Cocola Palm A Seaside Resort is truly the cheapest and finest EP beachfront resort in Negril.Experience your new home away from home.
Do u mean inclusice and expensive.....not my style....
There are many different rooms that people have as guest rooms. Those rooms can go from $25.00 US and up. The only problem is that you are on the beach road. There is noise and it goes on always. We here at Sandys by the Sea are 20 minutes from Negril but without the hustle and bustle. It's a laid back fishing community that some perfer.
Depending how fussy you are there are places starting at 25us but closer to 40us you can find something nice,contact me for more details
I'm a backpacker as possible..........local and Jamaican......USD 25 sounds good.......
Dear Anita:
Might I suggest

Jah B's

Lazy Dayz

Tropical Breeze

Yoga Centre

The Golden Sunset

Secrets Cabin

Backpacking? Stay at One for the Road, the newest edition to the Judy House Cottages @ $15 US per person a night or Zoe's single for $30US per person a night (both one space only per night), Full cottages start at $60US per night, which sleep 1, 2 or 3.


One on the Road and Zoe's r part of Judy House???
What does it mean: "Both one space only per night?)
...sorry...i'm norwegian :-)
Sandys by the Sea is 20 minutes away from Negril with a private beach area. Very quiet and full of culture that is not the kind you find in a tourist area.
Jake's Hotel Villas And Spa in Calabash Bay check website
samsara cliff and legends resort two in one experinced samsara is on the cliffs the legends on the seven mile beach exchange privileges between both by shuttle price as low at the cliffs $76 dbl per night at the legends $89 dbl per night the best place to be great jamaican food

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