Safari Park in Bali?

Hello,we want to see the safari park when we visit Bali this summer.How far is it from Medewi Bay retreat? Which is the best way to reach the safari park?


City: Daoehpoeri

Province: Bali

Country: Indonesia


The safari park is 2 hours away driving from Medewi Bay retret. To reach the safari park you can drive from Medewi Bay, because actually it's not really far. Or just rent a car and hire a driver to drive you there.
Or give me your address (anywhere in Bali) and I'll pick you up and we go together!
Safari Park in Bali located in Gianyar regency, is about 120 km from Medewi, and need more than 2 hours drive, it's depend on the traffic. You need minimum 8 hours, 5 hours for return transfer and 3 hour to enjoy the park. i suggest you to take a car with driver, its more convinience for you and your family instead of self drive.
yes, you can visit buleleng, and so many safari park in bali. coz bali has a beautifull scananry..
There are a handful of "safari park" places on offer in Bali, but the one I recommend is the "Elephant Safari Park" located in Taro.

Yes, it is further out than some of the others (can take 2 hours by car) but certainly worth it!

With a recommendation by the late and great Australian naturalist Steve Irwin as "The World's Best Elephant Park", the choice is really quite simple!

The park is run by Australian conservationist, Nigel Mason and his Balinese wife and began as a rescue mission to save 10 endangered Sumatran elephants - the story of which was made into the documentary "Operation Dumbo".

While tour bookings are recommended, my family visited without a booking - we simply hired a car and driver (most speak English), told him where we wanted to go and off we went!

Purchasing tickets at the center was no problem and we had an utterly amazing experience which not only included the elephant ride through lush rainforest surrounding the park (which they have purchased for the elephants) but close contact with them including feeding and washing the elephants (something I will ALWAYS remember!!!!)

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to the Bali Elephant Safari Park - you will not be dissapointed and will have memories to cherish for a lifetime. This place is not one to miss!

They also have an Elephant Lodge and Spa where visitors can stay with amazing views over the Elephant's sleeping pads etc altho the per nightly charges are rather expensive...

Another popular activity there is getting married on elephants - they have many wedding packages available - their website has all the info you need....

Here is the quote from the company "Bali Adventure Tours" () who both owns the park and operates tours to the Bali Elephant Safari Park (as well as white water rafting tours - which I also highly recommend):

"Without a doubt the Elephant Safari Park in Taro is a MUST for visitors to Bali, and is the ONLY complete elephant experience in the world - making it truly unique. Get up close and personal with these incredible animals in a beautiful tropical park setting. Elephants can be seen immersing themselves in the park lake, in between riding, painting or other activities. Hand feed them, touch them, take photos with them, then learn more about the elephants ancestry and diversity at the parks historical and graphic displays."
Hi ,MR WILFRED,the best way to safari park from each area in Bali is by coach and should book through travel agent when you need more cheaper,the Medewi resort is located in west part of Bali ,it's about 2.5 hrs from Denpasar( by car).Medewi is good for their beach for surfing and has any villa &quite reasonable rate for Room.
safari park also available at Puncak

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