Hi Sam, I am Filipino and willing to go in Dubai to visit and familiarize place if I am comfortable to live in there and work in there.

Im Bachelor of Schience in Computer Engineering and currently working here in Telecom Company in the Philippines. send me email on for any info. Thanks


City: Dubai

Emerate: Dubayy

Country: United Arab Emirates


Hi Sam
Dubai is a nice place to live and work (so long as you do have work). Its expensive if you don't get the full expat package at work so check that out. There is a very big Filipino community here and many have them have stayed for a long period of time so it must be pretty good. Come for a visit first to see how you feel. Weatherwise its best to come between now and end of April - summer months are very hot here.
You can come here on Visit Visa and check if this works with you. You just need to 'fight tooth and nails' in the competitive market. Employment this days is a little grim as Dubai has suffered, and still suffering, due to recession. But you can try your luck, you can upload your CV to recruitment website such as website; website or website.
As mentioned, there is a big number of Filipino community here, including me. But you need to be prepared for the worst and the best. Take note that this is a foreign land for you, you need to prepare in advance you money, self and consequences that is ahead of you.
Good luck!
I am also agree with joanne and bugipogi they are giving you correct information of dubai and . if you have good skill and ability of hard working so come here is very good place for Asians. Let do you experience on visit visa first then try to find any good job....Best of luck SAM,
hi user728
im computer engineer also and i can help u in many different ways
what do u want to know about dubai?
being as Filipino you wont be feel alone caz there are many People from philp are working and living there and they will also help u in finding a place to live.. normally the are living almost every part in dubai so all u have to do try you luck to find the job for that u have to search in the Gulfnews paper as well as give you Cv to as many as people you can Media city, where u can go and give your resume to your kabayan caz most of then are working in front desk so it wont be problem for you Bus takes u to every part as well as u can use Metro for travel caz cab will be too much costly .. All the best

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