Is there any gay or lesbian life in Merida?


City: Merida

State: Yucatan

Country: Mexico


There are two major gay discos both far from the downtown area Pride and Milk. They both have websites: I went to Pride, it was Friday night and... well, not what I expected but then again, it was probably not a good night. There's a place on Calle 59 called El rodeo which seems to be very popular among locals. It's not the kind of place where the rich and fancy go and it's not gay but I did see two male couples dancing while the rest of the people were having fun. Somebody told me of an old-style cantina somewhere either on Calle 71 or Calle 73 (around the Mercado area, which is supposed to be not that nice). However, I did not get to go. There's A LOT of crusing on the main square. Depending on what you look for you may find someone interesting ... or none. Good luck!

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