How's the food in Holland? What kind of food do they eat?

We've rented a houseboat,so we'll be cooking there. Will need to buy stuff from the local markets for this.Of course we'll also try out some restaurants while we're there.Jus want to know what kind of food is local to Holland,how different it is for Americans.


City: Amsterdam

Province: Noord-Holland

Country: Netherlands


The food is not THAT much different, especially not for big cities where there are all sorts of cultures combined (just like in New York or LA you find anything from Chinese, Mexican, Greek, Italian to Dutch in terms of restaurants).

The MAIN difference is the quantity. In the US everything is oversized compared to the rest of the world.

'Normal' food is meat (pork, beef) with vegetables (maybe more than you're used to), potatoes.

We also eat a lot of 'sandwiches' in various forms (buns, bread, luxury bakery products), and a little less sweet things again than in the US.

In general, nothig to worry about and if push comes to shove the country is littered with the obligatory McDonalds and Burger Kings anyway now ;-)
Maybe the answer to this one will help you as well:

Hi Keith,
The food you'll find in supermarkets and outdoor markets here is not a lot different from what you'd expect to find in a Western country as a US-citizen.
As for having local dinner-type food, you won't find much of that in restaurants here, like how they would serve French kitchen in France, for instance. Blame it on our native dinner food to not be especially appreciated for also having it when going for a nice night out. Am*dam does have a number of specialized Dutch food restaurants for tourists, of which most of them as far as I can tell are not particularly high standard cuisine. One of them I would most definitely recommend visiting though, if only bcs its really cheap: De Keuken van 1870, . Housed in a former soup kitchen, this place still has the ambiance of what it used to: plain and simple. Expect the food to be likewise. Traditional Dutch dinner-food is pretty dense, deprived of originality, rich of starch, and larded with smoked sausage. Roots, endive and cabbages (like sauerkraut and kale/borecole) are among what's regarded as the most traditional of foods. Combined with potatoes they make mash pot.
I would say the real joy lies in desserts. We are a dairy country par excellence. Get amazed by the selection in supermarkets. Also, we tend to put cinnamon in a lot of pastries or desserts, so I hope you like that.
As for markets, let me know the area you're staying at, and I'll tell you the best markets around. Also, if you fill me in on where you managed to rent the houseboat, so I'm able to answer yet another traveler's question.

You'll definately have to try the french fries with mayonaisse. It is a very special kind of mayonaisse which I found delicious.
If travelling in winter try to stoofpotjes and erwtensoep (pea soup). Food in The Netherlands is not as refined or "light" as other EU countries but still distictive and interesting. Due to the colonial history with SE Asia you can eat very well at the Indonesian restaurants all over the city--try a rijstafel (rice table)--really good.
You'll find almost all the ingredients you need for your usual dishes in the markets and supermarkets. And... you'll be able to cook Dutch and International dishes - Chinese, Japanese, South African, Thai, Indonesian, Mexican - you name it, the supermarkets and markets have it!

Check out a supermarket site for you to have an idea of what's available (it's in Dutch)
I will answer as a Dutch friend ones answered my question: What is the Dutch national dish? He said: We don't have one!
So, as far as I know, Dutch people eat foreign food. They mostly appreciate meat and potatoes, and are especially proud about their mayonnaise together with french fries. They also have unique waffles, and their sweet&salty candies "hopjes" with licorice which I hate :-) My favorite Dutch food is definitely CHEESE! A wide variety offered in specialized shops, from cow, ship, goat, buffalo... White, yellow, blue, soft, hard... You name it.
One tip from me: Try new beers, ones you have never heard about before, forget about Amstel and Heineken.
Come over to the South (Breda) and you can join my Dutch Cooking class. I'll take you to the market to buy fresh products and we prepare them together and have a nice meal. Eg. 'stamppot' is mashed patatoes with vegetables with meatballs. Yummie! price for the class depends on the number of participants
Not healthy or even tasty (if you ask me) are all things sold in snack bars, the Dutch equivalent of McDonalds and Burger King. They sell the fries with mayonaise mentioned before but also a lot of other delicacies....
broodje kaas, is the best answer, and what u wanna hear. (dutch cheese sandwich)
I have been living here for 3 years and can tell youthe food is not very good--Dutch food in general is bland and not very refined. There are certain items that are good like any place but this is certainly not cuisine like you will find in France, Italy, Spain, even Belgium! Ethnic food is always "Dutched up" and does not have the same authenticity as you may find at ethnic restaurants in the US which are usually high quality. Also, the portions are HUGE here--just like the US. I always order either 2 starters or 1 main dish--just like I would in the US. If you are dining at a finer restaurant then you will get more proportionate plates and "better" food--just depends. Lots of crappy fried food can be found everywhere--watch your arteries!!
your shoppinglist:
vegetables (carrots/greenbeans/cabbage)
meat (doesn't matter what kind)

boil the vegetables and patatoes
bake the meat in lots of butter

put it all on a plate and mash the vegetables and patatoes with the gravy.

That is typical dutch, but in Amsterdam we eat everything. So if you do not like this receipe,buy some rice or taco's.
cheap supermarkets are Aldi and Lidl. Streetmarkets can be cheap to
Have you mastered the local self-cooked Dutch meals Keith? it will be interesting what your experience became with potential new concoctions you may wish to share with your feedback? Let us read your suggestions someday soon!! :)
There's everything to eat in NL. Very good and typical are: Cheese, kroketten, and patat (fries with mayonasie --> you must remeber the pulpfiction scene...). Furthermore, you can eat almost everything: in the large cities from thai to french cuisine. In the smaller towns you can either go to small eateries, or go to the albert heijn and cook your own dish!
You can get just about any type of food in Amsterdam, although you should be aware that you might have to go to smaller shops to get Asian ingredients and other non-mainstream ingredients. There are nice markets on the Nieuwmarkt every day and a larger one at the weekend. The supermarkets in Amsterdam often sell out of things later in the day - be warned, and you have to pay for plastic bags. The supermarkets are a lot smaller than in the states.

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