Hi! I am looking for a professional guide in Prague to collaborate with me (in Budapest) to suggest mutally our services to tourists...

...visiting these two cities.


Country: Czech Republic



I will be very happy to have some co-operation with you. I am an official guide of Prauge. Please contact me for further info.

With kind regards from Prague
Hi Gabriella
It will be a pleasure to cooperate with you. Let's connect on FaceBook right now and you can see a video made earlier today of a very happy with service person.

You can find me on Facebook with mark.hughes1

Do keep in touch!

a friend of mine is an officially licensed guide in Prague, you can find him on my profile: Casper Onno Lammers, speaking at least Dutch, English, German and Czech, 10 years experience, incredibly knowledgeable about prague. his web page:

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