hello. who can help me with a route through Ireland for 5 days. Going from Dublin and back. I want to visit the top sights. Thanks

I want to have time to visit a lot of places, but only the best ones. Thanks for your time


Country: Ireland


a possible itinerary depends on a few things, above all your mean of transport and what kind of sight you want to visit (historical/naturalistic).
If you rent a car, a rought itinerary could be:
- Dublin
- Clonmacnois/Galway
- Connemara
- Cliffs of Moher/Killarney
- Ring of Kerry or Cashel/Kilkenny

Enjoy Ireland!
i own a car, and i already been to rings of kerry and dingle, and dublin :)
That's great! I wish I had a car when I was there.
By the way, this is the best option:
hey its chris from maurice there are some some air lines that can help u
Hi Ioan.
As you have already done the area south of the Shannon and have a car then I would look at Galway and Clare. The time of your visit would also have an influence as there may be events which fit your interests (which remain unknown). let us know these things and you should get more balanced answers.

ican help you.full time

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