I need an opinion before hiring a car!! which is the road more interesting (landscape) from varmahilio to Reykjavik? i shoud go by...

...the ring rod or f35 (kjolur route)?


Country: Iceland


I usually travel the ring road, but I'm often on a time limit when travelling. Getting off the "highway" is always nice. I would say go for the F35, if you have the time, though you won't be disappointed using the ring road, either.
Travel through the highlands if the weather is good. If it is rainy, use the ring road. Stefan
I would recomend the ring road if u are intrested to see beutifule landscape it's always poseble to make a short stop on many shigtseen spots.
f35 its very nice but on the ring road there is moore things to see.most of the f35 is rocky and flat,but of course there is hveravellir,kerlingafjoll,langjokull,gullfoss,gezsir pinglavatn so just zour choice

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