Airport closest to London city centre?

I want to which airport is closest and most accessible to London's city centre. Are there inexpensive shuttle services from this airport to reach London?


City: London

Constituent state: England

Country: United Kingdom


In terms of mileage, either City Airport or Heathrow Airport will be the closet to the city centre.

To get to and from the aiport, you have the option of either coach, train or taxi.

If you would like a taxi service we offer a reliable, safe, cheap option.
London is served by a number of airports, namely Heathrow, City, Gatwick, Luton and Stansted. London City Airport (LCY) is the best to get into the Central area as you can take the DLR and tube connections. However, not many airlines operate to and from LCY and if you book your flight to land at LCY, it might cost you a bit more. Heathrow (LHR) and Gatwick (LGW) are both offering express train services to Central London but they are quite pricey. LHR is accessible by tube (single ticket around £4 each). Stansted also offers express train services but I personally don't recommend it. Likewise, Luton is also far. However, most budget airlines tend to operate from Stansted and Luton airports. Hope this lengthy response helps.
Aside from Heathrow, I found Luton and Gatwick accessible and cheaper by bus. Luton has the green bus which takes almost an hour to the Victoria train station. If you take Gatwick, then I prefer to take train because it has a direct route from Victoria station to the airport.
City Airport or Heathrow Airport is the nearest.

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