Hello. We are going to visit your beautiful country and spend there 3 weeks in August. We are 4 (2 couples) from Russia. Could you...

...please advice what we must visit in Java, Bali, Lambok? Any help or info is very appreciated. We would prefer budjet accomodation and train/bus/ferry trevels Our schedule: 8.08 Arrival to Jakarta at 10:30 PM We are going to stay in the city 1 night and full next day 09.08 overnight or 10.08 morning trip to central Java (Yogyakarta) Going to visit Bromo and stay there 1-2 days Then we are going to Bali Eat-Sleep-Surf and trevel around the island for 1 week Then visit Lumbok for 3 or more days and go back to Jakarta with stops Our budget is about 20-60$ per person/day. We heard that thre are bungalows in Bali for only 5$ per person/night. Is it really so? Kerima kasih!


City: Daoehpoeri

Province: Bali

Country: Indonesia


I think you have to visit Bali..
So many low budget bungalow out there, especially on Poppies Lane II Kuta Bali (location)..

But, actually budget really depends on where you stay. USD 20++ in the Seminyak/Kuta areas of South Bali. However, up in East Bali you will have sufficient cash with USD 10++.

Enjoy your trip~
for your one day trip in jakarta, i suggest menara paninsula hotel, quite cheap enough for 4 star hotel (cheapest one usd 40) and it only half hour drive with taxi (will cost usd 10 for taxi), because jakarta very terrible traffic,so dont stay too far away from airport. and dont stay at hotel in airport because you wont be able to looking around jakarta much. jakarta its capital city, so all about building and malls. good enough mall for visit TAMAN ANGGREK MALL, only 10 mins from menara paninsula hotel, PONDOK INDAH MALL approx 1,5 hour, KELAPA GADING MALL about 1 hour from your hotel. something bit different aside of mall are TAMAN IMPIAN JAYA ANCOL, its the only one marina in jakarta, i suggest you try seafood restaurant there (cost about usd 40 for 2 person), try the LE BRIDGE CAFFE and also dont forget to try DUNIA FANTASI (usd 10/person for ticket), it is kinda disney land here :D

after 1 day in jakarta i suggestyou to fly to SURABAYA AIRPORT for your trip to Bromo, because if u go by bus, u will take too long time, about 8 hours drive. for flight will cost approx usd 30/person, and it take 1 hour. for food quite cheap, approx usd 10/person/day. it almost same in whole indonesia, except Jakarta more expensive. lot of cheap hotel in bromo, approx usd 10/nite.
from bromo u can go to yogyakarta by bus, aprrox usd 10/person about 3 hours drive by public bus. be careful, in yogyakarta lot of thief (it happened to me!!)

from yogyakarta or bromo u can directly go to Bali by bus (usd 15/person ticket).

in Bali, taxi damn expensive more than jakarta (approx usd 20 - 50/trip), so try dont ride taxi too much, but get public bus only usd 1 - 3/trip. last year i went there, the cheapest hotel i can get usd 20/nite near kuta, only 5 mins walk to kuta beach. if u have driver license u can rent motor bike for usd 5/ day in kuta or sanur, so u will save lot money for taxi or bus.

if u want save money for going to Lombok, than go by ferry, taxi cost about usd 30 to go to seaport and the ferry cost usd 3/person. about 2 hour taxi drive and 5 hours ferry trip. i tried both by ferry n flight, my personally will prefer by plane becos not cost much different, more safe and save lot time. bye plane usd 30/person flight, usd 10 for taxi to bali airport to lombok.

in lombok, people lot nicer, more laid back, more quite, everything lot cheaper. for usd 15 hotel/nite in SENGGIGI u will get very nice place compare with what u get in bali with usd 15. try that BUKIT SENGGIGI hotel, in lombok, u can also rent motor bike with usd 5/day to let you easier to looking around and safe taxi cost. 5 mins walk from that bukit senggigi hotel, u will find travel to arrange your trip to several famous island near lombok, the 3 gilli island, like gilli trawangan, etc. hotel in that island usd 10/nite, food also same usd 10/person/day.

i suggest you, if u still have time and money, dont forget to also visit dragon island, becos it close to lombok and bali. it will cost usd 400/person, for 3 day trip to flores island and also visit that dragon (its only in Indonesia!!). with that usd 400, already included everything, food, hotel, live board, snorkling, trekking. u can ask that travel to arrange that trip for you. REMEMBER USD 400 its maximum, don get rip of!!!

phewssss, i hope it clear enough, but if you still confuse, pls feel free to email me , it same ID for my facebook. :D

Very useful info. Many thanks!
let see and visit by public bus, to Borobudur temple, biggest Budha temple in the world, around 60 km from Jogyakarta city
let see and visit by public bus, to Borobudur temple, biggest Budha temple in the world, around 60 km from Jogyakarta city
Hi, Dmitry!

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Hi Dimitry
it's nice request from you regarding your journey to come visiting our country.I'm sure that you have read about Indonesia from the guide book.It's not true that you can get Usd 5 /night for any bungalow or htl room/nite on this planet as long as a hotel has a good standard. that's friend. the range for Usd 60 may be reasonable /person depend on basic standard.that value is enough for low budget least prepare around USd 100- 175/person /day.
If you are ready to get a good service pls send me a note on this site.
Hello Dmitriy,
Is that about backpackers trip?
I have so many question about your trip but it's okay.
I have a few advise based on my experience.

if you arrive in Jakarta. You can stay in Jalan Jaksa (Jaksa Street) . backpackers usually stay there. But if u want to stay in hotel, find star 2-3. but if you only one day better to look around hotel near airport even more expensive.
To yogya, open They have offer ticket jakarta-Yogya only $9-30/person (and tx $3 at airport). Really cheap. Better booked now or it will be higher each day. check Monday-sunday to find the lowest. If you want to stay in yogya, u can stay in place call “wisma”, more cheaper than hotel. I have been stay in wisma martha in yogya only $35/night family room enough for 6 person.
After that take a bus to bromo. u can ask the receptionist about bus station to bromo. After that, find hotel there. many option but i never stay there so don’t know. Ask receptionist sometimes they have chanel to another hotel. after there, go to malang by bus. Take bus named “Lorena” to Bali. the price include ticket Ferry boat.

After that go to seminyak street, many many cheap hotel there. and but to far from shopping centre. If u want go to Lombok have to take the plane. Better if you took package from tour and travel in Bali, cause so hard to find cheap hotel if u go by your self. in bali ask other backpackers. maybe you will have another friend in your journey. Back to Jakarta go back to Bali. (Airasia have promo ticket Bali-Jakarta or u can take the same bus)

Oh yeah 17 August is our indonesia indepence aniversary, maybe you can see something attraction. The best still in Bali of course

Have a nice trip^o^
Send me mail if u have any problems.

Terima Kasih
Thanks Sin Mei
Yes we do prefer backpacker's style trevelings. We are not interested in shopping, MOLs and luxury services :) . We have a lot of that stuff in Moscow.
Could you help us to book any hotel/hostel/wisma in Jakarta as we will arrive late at night and dont want to wonder around the city searching a place to stay.
We need 1 night 8.08-9.08 for 4 persons. Jalan Jaksa is OK for us. Our budget 40-60 USD

Terima Kasih
hello dimitri

if you want to stay in the city and u r looking for the low bugdet, go to jalan jaksa. there are a lot of cheap hotel and located in the heart of the city. in yogyakarta u must visit borobudur temple, prambanan temple and ect. i suggest u to stay at jalan prawirotaman,there r a lot of hotel with the low budget,with cozy and nice hotel, very touristic place. then if u want to go to bromo, from jogja u can take the train or bus to surabaya. from surabaya u can go to bali by ferry. next trip to lombok? what a nice destination, i've been there and i suggest u to go to the 3 of small islands. gili trawangan, gili air and gili meno. we call these islands paradise on earth, i bet u wont miss it. find some information how to get the island, parama travel is one of the agent i suggest u. in lombok dont forget to go to kuta beach, it's very nice beach with white sand...

have a great trip
privet dimitry..

you dont have to worry about cost in bali and lombok.. there's a lot of motel in low cost..

have a nice trip ! poka..
In BALI u can try to stay around POPPIES AREA or JALAN BENESARI, its close to KUTA BEACH..
And so cheap..
Good luck..
In java recomended place to visit: Jogja,Borobudur,Prambanan,Parangtritis,Bromo mountain and Semeru national park,Ijen Plateau.
recomended place in Bali:
Ubud,diving with barracuda and giant slam in Tulamba,or surfing in Kuta and Snorkle in Nusa Lembongan. lots of cheap hotel or losmen in Kuta region(Poppies Lane II area),started from 6 USD-100 USD
recomended place in Lombok:
Gili Air,GIli trawangan,Komodo National park,
i think 20-60 $/day u can get a good hotel n nice food :-)
if u need my help,let me know :)

Dimitry for your arrival and staying in Jakarta and Java please call me at 021-71254543 . we provide you with Air Conditioned Tarnsport from the Airport to your Hotel.We reserved your Hotel in Jakarta Hotel ( How much is your Budget ) And we could arrange your Jakarta City Tour , Itinerary will be advised. Your trip to Yogya could be a nice journey with us on a guided Tour Visit Borobudur Temple The Biggest in the world, and then to Sultan Palace and Prambanan Temple on the way to Bromo. We could serve your Transport , Hotel and Guide upon your request .Please specify your budget and services required.

Thanks for contacting me soon.John Suyono 62-21-71254543
Email :
Здравствуйте, Дмитрий, приятно слышать вас возможность написания Индонезийский там. Браво

My name is Esther. I'd help u in the way u r in Bali and Lombok. Because i live in Bali right now, for working. Ah yes, u r right, there are cheap bungalows here. But may i suggest u ? According your profile and your question, i bet u do love water sports , right ? In Bali many fun of water sports. If u love paralayang, water skiing, banana boat, bungee jumping , glass bottom , flying fish . U can go there to Tanjung Benoa, south of Bali. If u wanna know better in this, u can email me . i will tell u the price for packets ( because it will be cheaper)

ANd if u wanna continue too scuba diving, well u come to the right person, i know better on this, because my company is international diving. We have already had many branches of company in the world. U get the quality, u get the fun and the price is cool also. I cant mention u straight here for protecting myself and company.

okay that's all from me . hope to hear ur news soon

xxx esther xxx
In Bali, you can find cheap accommodation in Kuta, but starting at around $15 a night. Once you get away from the main tourist area, you can find much cheaper accommodation. But be warned, you normally get what you pay for!
Food, is super cheap, so don't stress if you go a little over budget for your accommodation, you can make the money back by eating from street vendors and markets.
The rest of your trip sounds great. I backpacked around Indonesia many years ago (15 actually) and had a really wonderful time. :)
hi dima :)
it's nice to see u here.. hope u'll have a great experience just call me again ok if u already back from ur trip to jakarta.
we'll miss u much here.



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