For those living within Barcelona. Where or which is the renowned Restaurant that delivers the Paella I keep hearing but the actual... seems to slip everyone's mouth & memory? Does it actually require between 1,5 to 2 hours to prepare before we take our seat at the restaurant?


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I don´t know about the restaurant but paella only needs 20-30 mi to be made
TQ for yr confirmation on the duration esp.... Shucks!!! My wife sure wanted to have on 3 occasions but we skipped the menu altogether after being told how long it needed.. darn!!! Anyway, now I know, we'll be back & wiser. Guess I have to Google for the restaurant instead. R U not from Barcelona? We were at Fuengirola, Tarifa, Cadiz and Jerez last week asking for Paella. Had others instead. However, we enjoyed it very much at Valencia some years ago. We will be back soon to Malaga for a longer stay to relax... 5-7 weeks and am looking to rent a Villa with pool hopefully and learn some Spanish as well... ;) Finding a parking space is crazy it seems, so a house/villa must have a garage for mine.:))
Let's see... if you cook it at home it does take that long before you have to prepare the fish broth and the seafood beforehand.

If you go to a restaurant that doesn't offer it as part of their normal menu, they might ask you to book it in advance so they have the time to prepare it.

But... restaurants that are specialised in paella will have all the ingredients ready and just need to cook the rice. If it is a GOOD restaurant, they will let it shimmer for a longtime, so it's going to take some good 30 minutes before it is served. That is why locals order a salad or some light starter to eat while we wait.

Don't trust restaurants who serve you a paella in 10 minutes: it was either already done and has been seating for a while waiting to be order or... its a frozen paella that was heated in the microwave! Avoid "Paellador" adds and any restaurant with the picture of their food hanging by the door!

In Barcelona, Set Portes used to be the reference for paella. However, I've heard it has lost a bit lately and now Can Solé is said to be the best.

Hola... Marta, incredible reply and you almost sounded like Martha Stewart...:)))
"Can Sole" has to be the one my friend must be referring to. I will take note of what you hinted on and make consideration by telephone in advance prior to heading to the Restaurant specialized for Paellas. When we are in Barcelona... we'll be happy to have you join us at the table in "Can Sole"... now that the football madness is getting worse and out of hand since our Cruyff last left Barca. I appreciated your reply very much Marta. Voila... and cheersch to you as we say it here in Holland. ;)

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