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Hi, i see yur page and i want book yu as my tour guide in BKK. Its posible i book yu round the chlock, yu go with me in Hotel and take care me ? whats yur price for long time and what is yur service ? Pleae write back with pics from yu, my name Peter, im 45 years, slim.


City: Bangkok Metropolis

Province: Krung Thep

Country: Thailand


I suggest you kook around Sukhumvit soi 7,9,11 after 12-0 pm many people will take care of you.
Suchen Sie bitte jemanden auf Silom Strasse soi 2 oder 4. Es gibt vielen frauen da, die Sie weniger als 100$ beobachten wollen.
If you can be a bit more specific in what you want, you may get a clearer idea of who can help you
Hello Peter
For tour guides, look at the Tourist Authority of Thailand website.
Otherwise there are lots of locals who can help you and guide you once you arrive in Bangkok.
Have fun and be carefull.
Please search your guide from .
Dude...u may misunderstand something. First, Im not a tour guide so i can't be your guide. Second, Im not a prostitute so i can not take care of u at the hotel. And Third, Im not for sell so u can't estimate the price on me. If u want sex, just go screw urself or use your money on somebody else.
Hi Peter, I can offer you 24 hrs sightseeing in Bkk, however my services will end at the reception of your hotel after checking in. Pick up from airport possible.
You don't mention who you want to act as a tour guide and you also don't mention what you want to see and visit in BKK.
Is this your first visit to Thailand or?
How long do you plan to stay in BKK and what other cities do you wish to visit in Thailand?
i do not charge anything maybe just a coffee
I do not think you look for a real tourist guide. You even do not understand the meaning of tourist guide. I think you are looking for a baby sister who want to take care of you. Or You better just go to soi Nana or Cowboy. The tour guide they just guide in day time and not take care you in the hotel! If they do that they are not a tour guide,they are just baby sister for you or prostitude.Clear??
Dear Peter, in BKK it's possible to be serviced around the clock.
Please specify if you still need to be spoon-fed or ?

the "guide" you are looking for is not what we do... better stay with your mother at home....
Hallo Peter
Danke fuer die "Einladung". Frage, das 1. x in BKK? Auch wenn,
das kannst Du wesentlich interessanter und billiger haben!
Siehe die guten "Ratschlaege" von Kollegen LOCALYTES.
Viel Spass
Thank you for your interesting to booking me as your tour guide i will be service you as you are a tourist for a sample show you beautiful temple in Bangkok or take you to see floating market or another place that you are interesting to see but I'm not service you in the hotel room. sorry that kind of service you may be find from night life some where in Bangkok or on the street of Patpong. I normal work for 1,000 baht(30us$) per day 8 hour per day any of extra hour charged per 300 baht (10us$)per hour . Food and accommodation need to pay by the tourist accept in Chiang Rai province that my local area don't need accommodation. If you would like to visit Bangkok and would like me working with you as your tour guide please contact me by e-mail address
You make a reservation to it's the hotel on soi 18. for single just 2400 RM/AB per day. for the guide you can do that with the travel agency in the hotel. it's safe and better than stranger who loves to be your guide just temporary period.
I'm sorry, did mommy write this for you? Obviously daddy did not because my guess, you don't have one. Well I charge 1000 THB per diaper, 1000 THB per feed (spoon extra) Entertainment charges vary but ballon sculpting is 5000 THB per hour, puppets show 5000 THB per half hour. Taking care of your mommy ( if she is cute ) 10,000 THB short time, 20,000 THB long time, all prices tripled is your mommy is a minger. All take care prices are multiplied by 10 if your mommy require rear entrance access. So by the looks of things your mommy needs to work very hard and have very very many customer between now and your visit to Thailand. I hope this helps clarify one or two little matters.Danke fur eines guttes zeitung arschloch.
Hi Peter, it's always good to take a holiday somewhere we feel difference. Thailand has its variety and welcomes behaved tourists. With the service you're asking for, could you describe it more specifically? It's simply implied on what you expect as many people answered you here, perhaps we get a wrong communication by your words.

Please explain more on what you like to see & do here. If you're disable in some way and need somebody to take care of you 24hrs and in a hotel, you will get that advice. But if you're looking for something naughty. It's not wise & polite to find here, you're using the wrong website. And it shows that you're not educated to do that.
Hi,just because you are 45 and slimi can charge you 100.000 thb a day, well half day....200.000 a full day, ok?
Peter, your best bet will be Boyz Town off Surawong Road (around the corner from Silom Road). The guys there are specialized in taking care of you. Need a hotel in walking distance? Try the Tantawarn Hotel just down the road on Surawong. Good luck and have fun!

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