Celtic attire shopping places in Ireland

I want to buy some is there a place in Ireland that sells Cletic clothes, etc? and where is it and do they have a site and if nnot do you have contact iinfo?


Country: Ireland


You can find shop all around Ireland. but depends where are you going.. my recomendation is a shop which you can find many souvenirs, cloths and others interesting things from Ireland, this shop is in Dublin. name:Celtic Note address. 12 Nassau St, Dublin 2, 353-1-670-4157(phone), there is another shops but this is very nice with price and with the products. any ither question, do not hesitate to contact me
Regards from Dublin
Please find below a range of Irish Clothing for starters, maybe more can be found online hope this helps.

For up and coming Irish designers

For a wide variety of Irish Designs and products, traditional and new. Shop online

For tableware textiles accessories toys & gifts. Shop online

Hand knit Sweaters from the Aran Islands. Shop based in Kildare St., Dublin 2 or Shop online

T-shirts with an Irish flavour and more. Shop on line

Regular Irish gifts & Souvenirs
To add to the list The Donegal Shop in St. Stephens Green shopping centre in Dublin is a handy place to pick up items before heading to the airport

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