How should we travel in Amsterdam to see the flowers? Going next April.

Mom and I are going to Amsterdam next April,we want to visit flowerfields,windmills and Delft. I don't think biking is possible because of the distance (or is it?). Should I rent a car? Is it easy to drive ad park in Asterdam? How 'bout trains?


City: Amsterdam

Province: Noord-Holland

Country: Netherlands


Public transport is the best way to get around amsterdam. It is very difficult to find a car park and parking is very expensive in amsterdam. Trains, trams, buses and metros are very reliable within Amsterdam. If you are planning on traveling alot with the train to other parts of The Netherlands it may be an idea to get a discount card, this way you will recieve 40% discount for you both after 9am (but this is for teh train only)
The flower (bulbs) fields are obviously outside of Amsterdam and you'd need a car, motorbike, or maybe a tour bus to visit them.
Since the fields are blossoming only a VERY short time nowadays (they cut the flowers off almost a day after they fully blossom!), the fields are much more dispersed through the countryside these days.
And of course, it also greatly depends on the weather WHEN they are at their best.

As for 'ease of driving', that pretty much depends on your skills and experience. Driving in Europe is in general more difficult because everything is faster and narrower here.
On the other hand drivers are still in general better skilled than in the US and do less unexpected things.

A car in Amsterdam is a waste of money though and a hindrance.
Hi there,

I'm sure you'll have a great time with your mom, in Holland in April. Besides the flowerfields there is the Keukenhof (available in english) This year the Keukenhof celebrates it's 60th anniversary
Theme: USA, New Amsterdam/New York, 400 years! A special shuttle service is available from Schiphol Central Station and Leiden central station to the Keukenhof, see website!)

On April 25th the annual flowerparade "Bloemencorso" of Lisse will take place. A 40km parade. For details please see: It's a big event in the area, and nice to see!

As for Amsterdam, I will leave the advise to the Amsterdam experts ;)

Delft is nice, but I'm no expert there either (yet) Maybe this will be useful: The village of Gouda might be nice for you to visit, too! Like Alkmaar, it has a history in the cheese business, with special markets etc.

As for the windmills, a nice place to go see them is Kinderdijk. . Near Rotterdam.

A nice tour could be: Keukenhof, Delft, spend the night there in a nice hotel, then next day Kinderdijk, Gouda in the afternoon and back to Amsterdam. If that is your 'home' during your vacation. How long will you be staying in Holland?

Hope this helps, enjoy Holland in April with your Mom,

PS I'd go for public transportation to see the flowers, the windmills, Delft etc. Trains are running frequently in the area. traffic on the roads in this area is terrible (traffic jams etc) If you need information about public transportatbion, please holler me!
Well i had the best experience when you go by train from amsterdam to alkmaar, from there you step on the train to Hoorn and from hoorn there goes a train back to amsterdam.
Yes, you've been reading right, a long trainride is the best thing,,,the train rides through the fields and you visit two of the nicest cities in noord holland.
Hire a bike and ride along the fields. I would suggest the following route Lisse, Voorhout, Noordwijkerhout, De Zilk and Hillegom. It's about 30 - 35 km. A perfect distance for a daytrip! GPS available.
Do not take a car into Amsterdam. You may not park on the street without a permit, and a permit is extremely expensive. Parking at a parking station will cost 2 to 4 Euros per hour, but that's still cheaper than a parking permit. Transport in Amsterdam is very good.

You can get to any major town in the Netherlands by train from Amsterdam.

There is a Windmill in Delft, but it is not always open to the public. However, there is a Windmill in Leiden that is open to the public virtually every day. Leiden is about 30 minutes from Amsterdam by train and is well worth visiting as it is quite historic.
If you want to 'do it yourself' you can take a train to Lisse from Amsterdam Central station. Takes about 30 minutes. You can then rent a bicycle at Lisse station, with a route card and then you can cycle yourself through the bulb fields.

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