Do you know the best time of the year to travel Buenos Aires, Argentina?


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


Look first at all Buenos Aires is a very beautiful cosmopolitan city great to be visited at any time of the year, but if i have to choose or advised someone i say September and October are perfect month, it's when springs begins the weather it's great not too hot not too cold, and then april also it's a great month, then this time of the year it's cold you have lot of chances of rainy days which make more difficult to enjoy . Hope this help you to make a decision.
Well, in terms of weather, the months of October and November are very pleasant as are March and April. The heat in December, January and February can make it quite difficult to explore the city, but on the other hand, great for poolside lounging and long balmy evenings. July, August and September can be cold but on the plus side you can find accomodation at bargain prices, and you'll still have some sunny days.
well. i think from september untill march or april. those seasons are spring and summer! but if u want to visit the north of argentina also.u should come on aug or sept.- if u want visit the south of arg... probably july-sept would be better... that's depend what do u wanna do
hi there!
It seems we all agree in this matter.
I love spring and autoumm times in BA, as someone else said not too hot not too cold. Another reasons to come around April-May or Oct-Sept to BA: low season in Argentina so basically everything is cheaper and is easier to find accommodation, BA is full of different cultural events as theatres, tango shows, music events and much more.
You must know weather in here can get particulary humed and sticky so I wouldnt reccomend you to come here from January till March. Its the city of hell by then! however if you r planning to extend your staying in Argentina, that time of the year is perfect to visit another places such Patagonia.
Hope it may help out to make a decision.
Have a good one mate!
I think the best weather to travel arround Bs.As. is spring because it is a nice and confortable temperature and not a lot of rain too.
I agree with another option is to visit the Patagonia,I work there during the fishing season, then I could help you a lot.
See you later
or march-april!!
if you like festivals, electronic music, or just enjoy music and meet people, 3rd week november you can go to Creamfields BA. Have a good trip!
hi buenos aires it a very colourfull city 365 days of the year, but remember that we are in winter(fall) now and it is a litle cold, but you have another interesting cities to visit, like las leñas, bariloche, el calafate(the glaciers area),el chalten and of course the north of the country is very colourful and full of wonderful landcapes and a unbielievable and warm culture and you going to find a lot of matural monument. good luck see you around¡¡¡¡¡¡
Lecter109 Hello, how are you? I hope well. If you just come to visit Buenos Aires, any time of year is good. Now if your intention is to visit other places such as Mendoza, October or November I recommend you leave this site to see options for winter or summer.

For me the best time is Spring and Summer, so from September to March, its really niceee!! Summer could be a little hot sometimes but during the spring the weather is perfect that would be between September 21 to December 21. Also is nice to come for New Year as there are big and good parties. All depends on what you have in mind. Feel free to ask for any further info. Mariela
My favorite time is spring, beginnings of October !!
I would recommend you to come in between september, october or novembers. Temperatures in those months are really confortable for walking and visiting all places you would like to know.
Best time of the year:
*October-November------>Spring Time. Great weather, always sunny. Always lot of concerts, outdoor activities.
*December----->Great month. Very busy. Super sunny but very hot.
*March-April----->Sunny, not that hot.

The rest of the months are pretty good too, but not as cute as the ones i´ve mentioned.

Not that good:
*January-Febraury----->VERY HOT. +30ºC
*July-August----->Cold and cloudy.
best time to go is right now Spring ,midlle of september and the begining of october ..because is when the weather gets better,not so cold and no sohot as in december! Aires is on a geographic depression so the hot get stuck on and is really difficult to move around during the day...except on nights...and if you have 2 days...come to Uruguay!we have excellent beaches on Montevideo and Punta del Este just a one hour boat trip away!have fun

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