Going to rent a car in Neum, Bosnia & Herzegovina in September. Will we have any problems driving it in Croatia and Montenegro? The...

...rental company says no but what will the reactions be in Montenegro and Croatia when people see Bosnian plates?


Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina


Dear Sir,

It wont be reaction because of Bosnian plates feel safe just drive your car.
Dear Sir,

It wont be reaction because of Bosnian plates feel safe just drive your car.
Here's the deal: ever since the implementation of new license plates several years ago, no one can tell which part of Bosnia you're coming from so if you're afraid of any national tensions you better not be.
In any case, both Croatians and Montenegrins are more than used to seeing Bosnian license plates all over Croatia and Montenegro, and I haven't heard of any cases of negative reactions to Bosnian vehicles on those roads.

Travel safe and good luck!
Hello . No problem for that . We see those number plates non stop . Enjoy your staying .
Nothing, maybe.
I did not have time to answer earlier, because I am in the middle of preparations for my holiday in Croatia and going there by my own car, with BiH plates :-)
The only reason I gave up going to Montenegro is the distance.
I have drive safely Bosnian plates in Croatia, for Monte Negro its even safer I believe.
For God, that's tourist trip, you are not going on football play
Was traveling with Bosnian plates in both of those countries. Never had any problems.
Just drive safely :).
Dear Sir,
there is no problem,I have buses which everyday driving in Croatia and Montenegro, in last 10 years I have no any accident.
So, enjoy in Your visit in Croatia and Montenegro.
Visit Bosnia and Herzegovina - Medjugorje, waterfals Kravice and Mostar - old bridge.
People in Croatia,BIH and Montenegro are not savages.They threat people in a same way as others.If they see Bosnian plates the'll offer you acommodation and other tourist arrangements.
People around the world have wrong oppinion about our neighbours and our country.That has to change.
NO problem whatsoever. For your peace of mind you might consider renting the car in Croatia (with delivery to Neum, from,for example,my associates:


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- TEL: +385 (0)99 310 7095


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Drive safely!
You can be safe, there want be any reactions because of Bosnian plates. U can feel safe, and drive safety your car. :)

When people in Montenegro and Croatia see Bosnian plates,there no any reactions ,they see 1000 Bosnian plates every day.

do not worry,just driving a car

all the best,
Just relax !!! Once again: no problem !!!

Welcome and cheers !!!
I am traveling every year with Bosnian plates in Croatia, in fifteen day going to Monte Negro, so you should not worry about that.

regards and have a nice vacation.

Just drive and enjoy. There is no problem with that.
Do not worry about that. From Neum the best place to start your exploraton is Dubrovnik area, the town itself, then magic green part of Konavle on the way to Montenegro on the south, enjoy in Kotor, Kotor bay, Budva and Bečići...
I haven't heard of any incident related to plates, so I'm 100% sure it's no might be pulled over by the police one too many times, but other then that, rest assured that plates are not a problem!

Have a great trip and drive safe my friend...

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