hello... we're thinking of coming to Malta this year... when is the best time of year to come and what sort of experience should bwe...



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The best time of year is now (June), then end of August, beginning of September, that is if you do not want it to be too hot. July and most of August it can be 36 degrees up to 42 some years. Your experience will depend on what you want. If it's nightlife, the Paceville has the most, although it does tend to be a very young crowd (I mean VERY young crowd!). There are lots of good restaurants around. I would be happy to meet you and give you a copy of my very own restaurant guide for the price of a cold beer. Other than that, check out my tourist services.
If photography is your thing, then get up very early for the sunrise which is a fantastic sight. If you are not a morning person, the sunset is good too.
If history is your thing, then Malta is full of it, going back 7000 years!
The best beaches are in the north of the island, with the exception of St. Georges Bay, near Paceville (not natural sand and packed with students most afternoons). In the south there is Pretty Bay at Birzebugia. Nice beach, beautiful water and not crowded. Only drawback is the view of the Malta Freeport container cranes across the bay.
There are lots of activities including boat and open-top bus trips, sub aqua schools, parascending etc. Hope this helps.
hi. now that summer started temperatures are rising. late june and post 3rd week of august are the best since july is too crowded and also a tid more expensive. this is if you are after sun and sea. if you want to relax than october in gozo - malta's sister island is excellent ;) might help you better knowing what there is around in malta
well for me October is the best month.Not too hot nor too cold.Tourists are less and prices a bit lower.
You have great historic sights,beaches,Island of Gozo and plenty of night life.
I think September/ October is best- number of tourists drop-especially children because they're back at school..besides, the weather is not upto 40 degrees as it gets in August - but 25 -35 degrees and very nice.
The best time to come to Malta is right now in June as it is hot enough to swim in our beaches, yet not the scortching heat of August. Also We have a lot of tour operators who can offer good tours around the island.... HOWEVER.... remember every taxi driver in the world is a thief on wheels and Malta is no different. Prices vary according to how well they think you know the place. ALSO Wembley's taxis (black) which can be hired from an office in Paceville or Freephone taxis are way cheaper then the white taxis parked near Burger King in Paceville or in Valletta. Also it is quite hard for foreigners to understand our public transport (buses) such as when or where they go or come from or which number to take as directions are limited. BUT if you're up for a challenge it's much cheaper then a taxi at 47c (euro) single fare.

If it's your first time in Malta, i`m sure you will have an enjoyable time in the sun and on the beach and visiting our ancient historical monuments. And if you like shopping go to Valletta (capital city) or Sliema... and PLEASE try not to stick to JUST Valletta and St.Julians... there are more then 2 or 3 towns in Malta and even though most are just residential... you dont just find shops, clubs and drunk people in Malta.
I love May (which has already passed) and October. September is very humid and August is extremely hot although there is the feast of Santa Maria where Gozo is full of life and leaves Malta a little more quiet is certain areas as most of the young single Maltese fly off to Gozo to party

We have some of the best diving waters here so if you need some adventure during your stay, you can contact any of the many diving schools for more information.

have fun

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