I am looking for a car with a driver cum guide for travel in Delhi and outside Delhi (like Agra, jaipur, Jodhpur etc..) - a...

...reliable+trustworthy person who will be able to guide us during the entire visit. Can someone help?


City: Delhi

Union territory: Delhi

Country: India



You can get many such so called "driver cum guides" real cheap, but, beware... If you want proper services, you can hire a Car and driver to take you around and use the services of a local guide in each station. Alternatively, you can hire a car, driver and guide to accompany you.

In the past, some people have tried the formula you have asked for and suffered. Under the law, a guide MUST be approved by the ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India and/or the concerned State Government/s. You must have read about the various incidents of unpleasant activity indulged in, against the tourists by such so called Guides" who also double up as drivers... But, the news reported it as if the guides are criminals... Later on investigation, it was found that these people were pretending to be guides/drivers and had no approval or authorisation.

Hence my friend, an important advice, please verify the credentials or Identification by the Ministry of Tourism. before hiring anyone for a tour..

Please write to me if you need any clarifications on the rates, services o any other matter pertaining to tours in India and I shall be too glas to assist you in any manner.

Have fun

hi Mr Akram
i have noticed that you are taking over interest in my replys. will you please kindly mind your own business??... I give links because these links carry a sea of knowledge and one can get what he wants... i can smell jealousness in your replys. Please be honest to yourself...
once again requesting you to kindly mind your own busuness...
as i am student of history i have much knowledge about the places if wish i can join u as guide and take u around the places u have mentioned, but u will have to hair a car though i know some trust worthy tour operators and taxi drivers if u wish contact me
please contact joy 9312230677 with your itinerary .Im sure he can help
loads of fakes and untrustworthy ppl in the delhi tourisium branch, suggest you go to the tourisium office, and they give you a driver and car on hire....even then take care, as the drivers usually take you to where they get good comission on any trade done thru them...they usually take you to handicraft shops, here i suggest you say NO to going to any sort of these places.
you can write to is Rakesh who will carry to all the places with car and driver...will guide u in better way..
this is Sid. am an anthropological researcher and not an exclusive professional in this regard. But i have done some tours along with some foreign university travelers. I do these tours in a five seater small car of my own to add on to my sources of income. if you intend to contact me for my services, you can get in touch for a quotation from me.
Once again I would like to reiteriate on your being careful about the "guides and drivers". Of course many do take people around to various shops for commissions. But, Let me also caution Pronab and the likes to be careful about working as guides without the License/Identification or certification by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India and/or the State Governments.. doing so is an illegal act and can lead to arrest and conviction. Many people have been caught doing so and have been punished. Guiding anyone anywhere in a protected monument is illegal.. Incidentally, an approved guide has to undergo rigorous training after passing a written exam and go through practical training as well.
When you get to New Delhi, call the Taxi stand at Sarojini Nagar -- number 9810381961 --- they have never failed me or my office. You could mention Amitabh Mukhopadhyay referred you to them. They have fixed charges and are very reliable.
Have a great trip !
You will have to be very cautious in taking a Driver + Guide + Car as in Delhi there will be many offering such services but you've to check their Credentials first before hiring their Services for you.

Akrambhai has very aptly replied to your question just follow them & your work will be done.
hello u call me at 9899091529, I have MY OWN SANTRO car we will enjoy u just pay for petrol.
Hi all,

In case anyone needs the names and contacts of approved guides, you can write to me and I shall gladly send you the list as approved by the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India. And if you wish to know what the credentials or identity card of an approved guide looks like, write to me and you shall receive a scanned copy of the same..
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