A day trip from Paris to Luxembourg by train. Is it possible to make a day trip from Paris to Luxembourg? If yes, what should I...

...reall see during the day? And any idea, how much is it for the train? Thanks!


Country: Luxembourg


Luxembourg have so many interest places but unfortunately all of them are not located in Luxembourg City, so I think that maybe do a one day trip to Luxembourg would not be convenient for you. I recommend that you plan a three day trip to Luxembourg probably including Frankfurt (Germany), Metz (France), and some other places in Luxembourg in order to make it more attractive to you. Think in maybe rent a car that is not so expensive and could make that you size more the days you have here.
If you have any other questions, please let me know.
Sergio Ramirezs
Hello I think the best way going to Luxembourg from Paris is using the TGV. The duration to get there is about 2h. The price is depending from the time you are booking and travelling. To gert more information have a look at:
In Luxembourg-City, the capital of the country there is a lot to see if you are interesting in culture, history and architecture. I can't tell you more about if as I don't know your interests. The site of the Luxembourg City tourist Office is really interesting and there you can also get further information. To see more have a look at:
In Luxemburg City there are many interesting Historical places to visit. Especially if you are interested in Medieval and Rennaissance History a trip is definetly worth it. (For example there is a huge Maze of catacombs beneath the city core that served as refuge during times of war.)

But it is also a very nice Town to simply go about shoping or just wander across by food.

The tourist information that you will find at the Main station where the Train arrives from Paris will offer you many points of interest at your arrival.
And if you wish to go a bit further into the country to visit a specific place on the same day it should not be impossible. We are a small country and we do have a very elaborate Bus and Train system that makes such trips definetly possible.

If you want to travel from Paris it would take you aproximatly 3 Hours and cost 72-73€. You can find all informatins about Prices and Departure/Arrival here :
On many days you can get the TGV from Paris-Est to Luxembourg in less than 2.5 hours. The link below opens a PDF, showing the itineraries between Paris and Luxembourg. If booking occurs two weeks in advance, you'll be able to get a return ticket for as little as 42.20€ for a one-day-trip on a week day. Prices may be cheaper for weekends.

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