Hello friends in Spain! Does anyone know is it possible to travel from Madrid to Malaga (or maybe to Marbella) with train and how...

...much costs the ticketc and where I can find timeline for trains on the web? Thank you very much in advance! Warm regards!


Country: Spain



The trip from Malaga to Madrid by train, you can find the info, pricing and schedules at this website:

From Malaga to Madrid is a high speed train that will take about 2.5 hours for the trip.
From Malaga to Marbella, there is no rail system, the rail goes as far as Fuengirola on the Coast from Malaga main terminal and the other option would be by bus to Marbella, or by bus from the main train station in Malaga to Marbella.

Hope this helps and good luck

Hi Naida,

The question has been answered already, but I wish you a nice trip and if you are in the area of Malaga town, give me a shout!

I recommend the train, as mentioned above. You can easily get tickets online. Spain has excellent public transport...
dear naida
some friends have already answered you .throught
you can get the information you need.Anyway if you need any detailed info ,with dates ....just let me know
i work in a travel agency and it's possible to reserve and get the electronic train tickets and send them to you through fax number or an email adress
Payement by credit card
Have a nice day!
Guys, you are great! This info is very useful.

Thank you very much!

hope to meet you some day in Spain!

Nice greetings from Sarajevo

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