Hi there, My wife and I are moving to Croatia. She's teaching Spanish at the University of Zadar, and we would like to know if any of you could suggest us how to rent an apartment, but not as tourists. We'll be in Zadar (contractually)from 1 (min) to 3 years (max?), so we are looking for a confortable place, close to the see (seeview, terrace) and two bedrooms. All I can find in the web are vacational rentals, what could I do? we'll be there from sep 1st on (I guess we will arrive a couple of days earlier). Thanks and greetings from Spain, Xosé Pereira Boán


City: Zadar

County: Zadar

Country: Croatia


Shouldn't University help you out with that? Anyway, try to find someone local to call for you. I can help you with that although not from Zadar.
Hi there,
most people in Croatia search for rental apartments or houses through newspaper adds.
1st option: You can write your own add with SLOBODNA DALMACIJA - write your add to an e-mail address; ( For this you have to pay something I believe- but than people will call you to give you offers with their homes.
2nd option: give add for free up to 100 words - this is called PLAVI oglasnik- BEST SELLED ADD papers in Croatia.. people buy that when they are looking for apartments and etc. Or you find someone in Croatia such as University staff to buy that for you and find you some suitable homes/apartments for rental.
3rd option is to kindly ask a staff from the university do they know someone who is renting... locals always know the best places.
Definitely try what Renata suggested you. There are one more papers you can put your add on, local one published only in Zadar..ZADARSKI LIST. You can put your add on the following adress or simply write them an e-mail first to explain the situation and they will help you putting your add on Croatian.

One more tip..some people who have vacation rentals would rent you a flat/apartment/house all year around for suitable price and not as advertised on the web..try writing them as well

Good luck
Very good ways are English pages and Zadarski banak on Web too .
I have the phone number of a lady who has a nice apartment in Zadar . 00385/91/5457518 . Her name is Nena.
Hello Xosé,

As you have not stated would you like to stay in Zadar city or you wouldn't mind to commute, I would like to suggest following.

Since you will have some time to spend in Zadar, you might ask some of your wife's colleagues to be for help find adequate accommodation. Also, there are plenty of real-estate agencies that can provide the same. Usual agency fee is one monthly rental. I would expect the rental to be somewhere around 500 Euros per month.

Apartments Pedisic are situated in Zadar, in the tourist area named Borik. Apartments are placed 250 meters of the sea.
STUDIO FOR 2 persons
- ground floor 20m2
- bathroom with shower
- kitchen and dining room with with couch for two persons
- satellite TV
- terrace

APARTMENT A2 for 3+2 persons
- ground floor 40m2
- two bedrooms (one with twin bed, one with single bed)
- bathroom with shower
- large dining room and kitchen with couch for two persons
- satellite TV
- AIR-condition
- terrace 10m2
- parking place

You can find mor info on the page
Since the stay in Zadar is going to be as long as possible, at least a couple of years, they are too tiny for us two. Thanks anyway
My personal opinion is that best way to rent an app is to ask some of the local people in Zadar (as your wife is already an employer of the University - that shouldn't be a problem) or to try with local newspaper, usually once a week they have few pages where local people advertise app for rent (Zadarski list, Mali oglasnik, Slobodna Dalmacija, Večernji list).
Good luck!
Thanks to everybody for their kind and helpful suggestions. I really appreciate.

Gracias, Hvala

Hi Xose,

Yes, I do now how difficult it is to find a year-round apartment in Zadar. With some good research, however, it is possible.

As I'm not in Zadar at the moment, I can ask/email some people over there if you haven't found anything yet. Let me know how much you're prepared to pay, as that is the only issue here. Zadar is small enough to walk/cycle and any distance from the university is OK.

Good luck and let me know how you are getting on.


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