Hello, I am visiting Malta in 3 weeks time. As yet I do not have any transfers from the airport to the hotel. Can someone please...

...tell me how much a taxi would be for 2 people from the airport to Sliema and also how much a bus would be? Also, what route goes from the airport to Sliema. Thank you in advance.


Country: Malta


Hi there - as far as I know - a taxi will cost about €20 one way. Not sure if there are any busses to take...
This should help you
As you walk out the airport there are two sets of doors. Walk through the first set of doors and on your left you'll see a small taxi office, and there are usually a few taxi drivers hanging out. Go to the office, let them know you're going to Sliema and they will charge you 20 Euros cash.

Watch out for the street taxis while in Sliema. Always agree on a price before jumping in. The buses are dirt cheap, but taxis can rip you off. You're fine using the taxis at the airport through the airport office. Those are a good deal.

If you need a taxi while on vacation I recommend using Enroute.

Address : Wembley Service Station, St. Andrew's Road, Swieqi.
Direct Telephone
E-mail : (+356) 2138 9871
: (+356) 21380088 / 21380099
: (+356) 2138 3248

They also rent cars at reasonable rates. The taxis are listed as chauffeur vehicles and are marginally more expensive. It should be 25 Euro from Sliema to the airport, but you'll be in a nicer car. They've always been on time for me.
The cheapest way would be to catch the only bus from the airport to Valletta,bus 8 every half hour. A bus costs 47 euro cents. Then from valletta,catch any of these buses,at the same 47 euro cents,each person that is: buses to Sliema from Valletta are 60,63 Savoy area,the others that pass from the main road,Tower Road,are 62,64,66,67 and 68.
taxi very expensive here in malta
yo might need to get 2 one to valletta then to sliema
for a bus
are you coming on holiday here ??
i am Edward very often at the airport as i have a dive centre and if i am there i could give you a lift
what is your name and when you come ???
Hi there, I am coming with my mother on the 23rd, landing at approximately 11:00am.

We are staying at the Plaza Regency, Sliema.

How much will you charge?


Have a look here ...

You can also catch a bus although it is higly unrecomended ... Make sure that the taxi ride does not cost more then 20-23 euros ... ill come pick you up for 15 hehe !!

it says that the fixed tariff is €18.63. You get your taxi from the booth that is opposite where you come out from at arrivals in the airport. Say that this is the price on the MTA website. If you dont mind catching two short buses, I would do that.
Doesn't the hotel offer airport transfer? I think it would be cheaper than getting a taxi!
A taxi from the airport to Sliema should cost no more than 20 Euros. Much cheaper, but more difficult by bus. The bus would cost 94 (euro) cents in total.
just tell me the date and flt number, i can give you the transfer for just 12euros in a comfy airconditioned car..
ad 00356 99828201

We are arriving on the 23rd at approximately 11:00am.

Will you be around? I am coming with my mother and am staying at the Plaza Regency, can you do a return trip for 22 Euros?


Hi a transfer from the airport to sliema is 20 euro, the bus is around 4 cos you have to go to Valletta to board another one. The route goes through Marsa and Gzira. Thanks.
taxi will be aprox 20euros ...bus to valleta is 47c and out of valleta to any other destination is also 47c up to 1euros
.in case for a cheap transfer call 99828201 12 euros to sliema

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