What is the best and cheapest way to get from Ljubljana to Venice? Also inexpensive accommodation in Venice. Maybe recommend nice hostel?


City: Venice

Region: Veneto

Country: Italy


I think the best way can be by train. For the hotel I realy can't help you because all are expensive.
Hi Markiyan, for me, the better way to get to Venice is by train, it get about 4 hours and it costs about 25,00 euros. Search for Malibran hotel, I advised to my clients, it isn't new but it has a very good position, it's near rialto bridge, it's quite and has a very nice price.
Hoping you'll enjoy. Bye
Traveling by train is affordable, it takes a little to reach Venice, but that's all right.
The cheapest wy is to buy a train ticket from Liublijana to Gorizia (paying just a little international overprice) and from Gorizia to Venice paying local train price instead of international.

Cheap hotels in Venice are expensive, tight, low services standard, ugly.
Expensive hotels in Venice... well, figure it out yourself.

Stay out of Venice at San DonĂ  ( 30 minutes by train) Treviso (30 minutes by train) and the sourounding villages on the rail road (Quarto D'altino, Mogliano, Preganziol, just read their names with Google maps along the railroad, find the hotel names and e-mail them for a quotation)

The other option is to come by car, find a decent hotel somewhere, and drive to the nearest train station from your hotel, (agroturism, etc) and than by train to Venice.

Eating in Venice is expensive too, but there are some Coop supermarkets, some Billa Stores, some Lidl and some Spar, so you can scout them with Google, and fish in for a sandwich, a fried chicken or some ready to eat pizza on the shelf plus drinks at 10% of a cheapest restaurant meal.

Public toilets are at the train station, Pizzale roma, and San Marco behind the looooong palace on the North side. Just ask.

I hope that'sll do.

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