it's possible to get neer to the waterfall like dettifoss and selfoss in the jolulsargljufur nacional park by a normal car from the...

...rind road and than by the road f862 ???


Country: Iceland


Take road no. 864 off ringroad no 1 and you'll have no problems in any car at all as long as you are travelling during summermonths.
Best for Dettifoss and Selfoss is to use the road on the western side of River Jökulsá (cannot remember the road number). However, the part of the road between road nr. 1 and Dettifoss/Selfoss is very bad.

Do not try to drive it in a normal car. You can get to the right place with a normal car but drive from Asbyrgi to Dettifoss, and back along the same road.

You can easily use the road on the eastern side nr. 864.

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All roads with a "f" marking are off limits for normal cars and you might and probably will damage a normal car on such roads, the car rentals also follow up on this and check the undercarriage of the cars by " check in". Just use the roads 864 or 866 to see the waterfalls or rent a 4x4 suitable for rough terrain.
i damage my SUBARU IMPREZA on this road ,but it was happend just beacause i drive around 50km.h,and i like view from the other side of the river so i advise road 886

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