Hi, I just moved from London to BA for a couple of months. I am designer doing a research for my project. Do you know some clothes and...

...textile factories in BA or close? or any factories in general-like a large bakery, textile factory..etc. thanks, Dina


City: Buenos Aires

Autonomous city: Distrito Federal

Country: Argentina


big factories are located in the area of Pilar and Pachecho (great bs as area, 40-60 km from BA). Big factories I can remember are .... let´s see.... Molinos Río de la Plata (they make lots of the food we eat), Kraft foods, Arcor (food, truly argentinian), La serenisima (milk and related products, HUGE company that belongs to Mastellone group). Textil factories in spanish is told as "industria textil", we do not have many large companies I can recall, they are mainly small and middle sized companies. I googled "industria textil" and found this link that might be useful, , it is the link to the www of the agency that represents all companies in the textile industry in argentina.
By the way, Im 33 and I´m currently planning a trip to europe next april-may, and I would visit london, so maybe I´ll be asking for your advice!
Hi Dina! About you i recommend you to visit the CMD (Design Metropolitan Center) in Algarrobo 1041... 15 min, from downtown in Barracas... you'll be able to find there a lot of information about brands, textile factories, etc...
this is the url.
my msn is bjmarito in hot mail, you can add me and maybe a can help you with your research... any doubt just ask me, i'd be glad to help you! :)
hi dina,
i'm not sure what kind of research you are planning to do but my husband's family has worked in textiles for generations and has a large working factory in san martin, an industrial suburb of buenos aires' capital federal. let me know what you have in mind and i can see if we can help you.
Hi Dina, nice to meet you! What is your research about? I am a researcher (I am currently working at the Institute of Social and Economic Development and the University of Buenos Aires) and I may have contacts that could help you. According to your research I can provide different contacts and information. There's a textile factory in capital city that is actually a recovery factory (do you know something about the recovery factories movement here in Argentina? watch the movie "The Take" by Noemi Klein, you can find it on line) called Brukman. They have a very interesting project. You should visit them. Please, let me know more about it.
Hello Dina welcome to Buenos Aires! please do not be offended by my answer but would you like to fix and update some vintage dresses I got from my grandmother? Is funny how I could not find anyone in BA to do it other than old ladies with no modern sense of fashion, sorry again if this is not interesting for your research, I had to ask!
Hello Dina, Sure, we have from small to large scale factories, in and around Buenos Aires, as well as bakery like ones, but, not sure what you need to do, is it inside the factories, or outside that you are interested, is it the workers or working conditions, give me a clue to exactly what is or what you need for your project and maybe I can help,…. It’s a complicated answer, as, I might need to ask for favors to get in. You can image it’s not just knocking on someone doors and saying, hi, I’m from Localyte!
no doubts about it where you need to go is once!

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