we wil be on a carribean cruise that docks at ocho rios for around 8 hours would this give us time to visit bob marley museum etc and...

...around how much fro transfers february 2011


City: Kingston

Undetermined: [None]

Country: Jamaica


Well, it takes about 2-2.5 hrs to travel from Ocho Rios to Kingston and it depends on the traffic too. Check this website for information about booking, tours and other information about Bob Marley's Museum . You would have to make arrangements on the time and date for visits. Call and book in advance.

Tell me some of the other places that you would like to visit so that i can give you a more detailed answer.
Thank you for your question. While we do not encourage tours to the Bob Marley Museum because of the distance and the vulnerability of the road to Kingston to cruise visitors. It does give you enough time to visit the burial place which is just as good. it is a 1 1/2 hour drive in the mountains also you will get enough time to get back to ocho Rios to do some shopping. you can email me at I live 5 mins from where the ship docks so I will be able to do your tour and i am an official driver for the Jamaica Tourist Board.1-876-356-5750
I wouldnt suggest travelling to Kingston over such a short time although not impossible youd be rushed better u do the 9 mile tour through chukka caribbean tours they pick u up at the dock and provide refreshments along the way with commentary. 9 miles is the birth place of Bob and his resting place all the memorabilia u wish can be bought there same as in Kingston. Its only about a half hr from the dock so u should be able to fit in sightseeing and shopping in Ochi as well!
I agree with renford. its better to go with one of these tours its more personal. and he is registered. Jamaica all the way.
Yes it will give you time.All you have to do is spend your time wisely.It will take approximately 2 hours from ochio rios to reach Kingston.
You time would be much better spent staying around ocho rios and its many beautiful spots.Kingston is at least 1.5-2 hours away and that is if there is no traffic.A lot of these places have become very commercial and not really worth the drive
to be on a cruise is great however i would prefer to invite you to the nine mile tour instead of Kingston this tour takes you his place of birth and his final resting place and it is much closer to the ocho rios my
You will not be able to travel to Kingston and back in time. May I suggest going to Nine Miles, St. Ann the birth place of Bob Marley and the site where he is buried. Click on this link
The cost is approximately USD 73.00
I sincerely hope you will enjoy your "stop over"

I think Renford is right, it is best to go to Nine Mile instead of Kinngston to see the museum. It is too time consuming.
no, it will not give you a lot of the time to visit but u can visit times that are near.
that would be a whole weekend for u cause i know u dont want to come to the museum and spend 5 minutes,and its a long journey from ocho rios to kingston and u have more sight seeing before u get to bob marley musem that u would really like to see.So take a weekend come to kingston see the museum then go to strawberry hills and u get a good view of kingston and st andrew and u wont want to go back home,its a lovely seen and view.
yes just enough time to visit the bob marley museum and do one other activity like shopping(if the traffic on the road is normal). the cost to tour the museum is US20 for adult and US10 for children. a chartered taxi would cost you US120 for transportation to and from Kingston.

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