Flying from India to Saudi Arabia and I have 12hrs layover in Dubai. Can someone please help me with airport procedure?

This is my first time to travel with a layover and I don't know what to do. Can someone please help me? Please tell me procedure (checking in, boarding, etc.) from one plane to another. I will be waiting for 12 hrs, do I need to go out of the airport and stay in a hotel? I will be traveling economy.


Country: Saudi Arabia


Unless you have a transit/visit visa for Dubai/UAE you cannot leave the airport. Traveling economy does not entitle you to any layover benefits.. This means you have to wait the whole time inside the airport terminal. Once you reach Dubai, just get off the plane and ask for the transfer desk of the concerned airlines...wait till about 2 hrs before the onward flight and present your ticket. thats about all you have to do... But for about 8-10 will have to roam around the terminal on your own..

I don't understand why anyone would travel to Saudi Arabia from India via Dubai???? When direct flights are available right from Mumbai or Delhi.. Anyways, have fun..

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