2 persons to travel Istanbul/Sofia/Istanbul end June, please help us with the lowest possible airtickets or train options with timings...

...fares etc..


Country: Turkey


of course train is the cheapest way...actually as my austrian friend you can hitchike to's free:) he came from vienna to istanbul.
well,the train named BALKAN EXPRESS is from bucharest(romania) to istanbul and every 17:40 arrives to sofia and leaves there at 19:10. İSTANBUL-SOFİA ONE WAY 1ST CLASS 63 TL.(AROUND 40 DOLARS I GUESS) AND SECOND CLASS 42 TL. THis is one way. two is double.
if u want to sleep on bed, it'S 32 lira for one person in double room.
so best options for you and your friend -2nd class-on bed(dont know in english)double room one person 32 lira. (maximum 25 dollars)
but for the time table i am confused little bit.please u check
Thanks for your answer which is fine, but, hiow do I get the timetables in English with the fare etc..?? Since I am Indian and do not speak or understand Turkish..
From sofia to istanbul with bus 50 leva (nearly 35 dollar)
for a person,also it takes nearly 10 hours but the train takes 20 and more hours.

Thanks friend for the response, but, being a localyte, I am sure you know that people from outside Turkey may not understand Turkish. And yet, you give the website in Turkish?? How do you expect anyone NOT KNOWING the language, to read and understand Turkish instructions? But, thanks anyway..
best ways with bus

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