I would like to stay in los muerotos area and am coming alone


City: Puerto Vallarta

State: Jalisco

Country: Mexico


los Muertos area in Pto. Vallarta? If it is, I sugest you the Blue Seas Old Town Resort
The Muertos area is full of excellent choices to stay at. I guess the question as to locate you a good place is: Budget and expectations. Let me explain:
Los Muertos area is well known as the romantic zone, just a name that is given to it since the night dinning is very romantic and its the oldest part of town. It is also the gay area, by default. So if you are looking for a gay place there it is... if not, then also you will find tipical acomodation, my point is, make sure you know the place you are quoting into. If you need some help.. I am here.
I am not gay but love los muertos area. Is there any where to stay for 500.00 amonth us currence
There is a very charming place called Andales, my friend Jorge runs it, very clean and well within your budget... Let me know if you need more info!
Ola Sr Ocho,please give me more info on the Andale Hotel, like rates. Gracias
Ok Rob I can find some options for you, give me this week.

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