I'm planning to vist Cabo San Lucas, is it safe to travel alone?

Im 30 years old and I always travel alone. Is it safe for me to go by myself to Cabo, San Lucas? Are there any spcific things I should know? Whats the weather there like in November? When is hurrican season? Is it still warm at this time?


City: Cabo San Lucas

State: Baja California Sur

Country: Mexico


Hello! Here is a website 4 info. on the climate..

I myself have not been there, but here is a good place 4 info.
Safety is no problem, it's a quite resort and people generally helpful, no mafias like in Cancun. Weather is generally sunny in that period, althoug sometimes windy. Temperature is cool at night, but pleasant during the day (and sometimes hot when you go to the desert).
Yes, it is safe to travel alone here. Just exercise the same caution you would anywhere. November is the tail end of hurricane season, and the weather is nice, if a little chilly at night. Bring a jacket for the evenings.

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