Need your suggestions to plan for my trip to Netherlands

First time I'm visitng Netherlands,need your deas for everything from hotels to stay in to places to visit,excursions,food, shopping etc. Will be there for more than a week.Thanks!


Country: Netherlands


First, let me know what kind of things you like. And will you be traveling by public transport or by car?
Welcome to Holland Jennifer, if we may, even B4 you reach our beautiful country... ;)) it would be wonderful to know whether you are from Europe or far away in the Americas or much further down to the south like Australia and NZ? It helps believe you me, unless you have adequately googled over our country on most of the relevant tourist details.

At this early stage, it is beneficial for you to know what we as Localytes, have specialized to meet or cater to yr exact preferences and/or choices. Select the Orangy looking buttons that suits yr criteria/expectations which we then can help cutomize to your desires.

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Firstly, I would like you to point out which part of this beautiful country you intend visiting. We have everything including Historic Market Towns such as Gouda (Middle Holland), or Groningen (in the North), Infamous Cities such as Amsterdam with its world renowned Museums or Rotterdam with its almost unrivelled shopping & Brommel Markt (Flea-Market). A really neat way to get around is anyone of the Many Stripkaarten (Prepaid 'ZONED' travel ticket) which allows you to travel on tram, bus and metro as you wish. So write back soon I would love to help. steve

In amsterdam isn't easy to find an hotel, its better to book one before you come and I advise you to find one within the ring ( the motoway), otherwise you will be to fare from the center.
For the shopping part, it depend what you looking for, but the main street for shopping is call " Kalverstraat" or you can go on "Leidsestraat" but you can shopping everywhere in the center.
To Visit the center, I like small boat, not commercial boat, I advise you this place , its a pub call " boom chicago" and you have to go in this pub to regiter yourself 1 day minimum to be on this boat. You cannot register online.

have fun
Come to the South, come to Breda! We have nice cosy hotels and also Bed & Breakfastplaces (make reservations in advance). See my pages for all the fun stuff to do in Breda and surroundings! Breda is in a close distance from Antwerp (Belgium) or trendy Rotterdam. I can organise a Dutch cooking course and in our country you can eat everywhere, from every cuisine. When will you be visiting? Have fun! Eva
Come to the south--the very south--Maastricht. BEAUTIFUL and the city center is awazing with many great restaurants. Stay at the Crowne Plaza but ask for a riverside room with opening windows, The Derlon in the Onze Lieve Vrouwplein or the Kruisheren off the Vrijthof--awesome.
It somewhat depends on your expectations if your more in to culture then your better of to the north east, middle and south of the country if you`r in for a more touristy feel stay in the west near the bigger cities such as (of course) amsterdam and the hague. For a real allround experience come to Maastricht if you`d like a daytrip to belgium or germany there close by once your in Maastricht

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